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Commissioned Full Figure Portrait
Commissioned Head Study
Commissioned Portrait
Commissioned Portraiture

I am currently accepting select portrait commissions. A commissioned portrait can range from a small head study, done from life or photo reference, to a large scale, full figure or multiple figure composition created over several months in the studio. Clients have the option of coming to the studio so that I can draw and paint them from life, using these studies to create the final commissioned piece. I am also able to work from high quality photo reference selected by the client.

Prices can range based on the size and scale of the work, the level of complexity of the background and setting, and the number of figures included in the composition. A general price list follows. Please contact me for further details or to discuss your commissioned portrait.

Portrait, Head and Shoulders

3/4 figure

Full Figure, Multiple Subjects

9" x 12" 

11" x 14" 

16" x 20"

18" x 24" 

24" x 36"


36"x48" to 40"x60"







$6500 - $10000


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